Improving the stability of the digital asset market

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Who we are

Seaquake is on a mission to stabilize the digital asset market through innovation, infrastructure and time-tested market efficiencies

Seaquake has been in stealth development mode for +3 years creating a complex trading engine, Orbis, built on the logic and algorithms of quantitative models used in traditional asset classes, such as FX, Futures, or NYSE, to improve fragmented infrastructure and trade flow in the markets

Seaquake’s technology can greatly increase volume, liquidity, and stability of partner digital asset exchanges.  Enabled by our core engine, Orbis, Seaquake provides highly scalable quantitative models to enhance trade flow, vast data processing, and white label products

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What we do

In preparation for the influx of institutional capital into this space, Seaquake has developed a 4-in-1 Core Engine, Orbis, built on a time-tested methodology in traditional asset classes, such as Equities, Futures, and FX markets, which allows for: 

  • Maximum market efficiency

  • Stability in the Digital asset ecosystem

  • Increased trade volume

  • Improved Liquidity

When paired with partner exchanges, Seaquake’s distinct technology stabilizes the digital asset ecosystem. Seaquake can provide white label products, highly scalable quantitative models that enhance trade flow, improve data processing, and increase trade volumes in the secondary digital asset market

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Why we do it

Seaquake is driven to advance the digital assets ecosystem ahead of incoming institutional capital.

Through our enterprise grade solutions and superior engine, we hope to develop the industry as a whole, as we create improved products that better serve such a fast moving and often incomplete ecosystem.